Government Contract Compliance

CFO 2 Grow provides financial and management advisory services to companies engaged in government contracting and other industries. The focus of the services provided is financial, management, and compliance oriented. Frequently, companies entering the government contracts marketplace, don’t have the time or experience to focus on setting up an “adequate” accounting system. Similarly, these smaller companies can benefit from advisory services relative to forecasting /planning and a number of compliance requirements.

At CFO 2 Grow, we bring extensive experience, within the government contracts market, to provide clients with solutions and long term advantage. Our government contracting services include:

  • Accounting Systems: Implementation and Adequacy
  • Forecasting / Planning
  • DCAA Audit Compliance
  • Small Business Compliance
  • Cost Recovery Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Teaming Partner Risk Evaluation
  • Subcontracting Best Practices
  • Systems Development
  • Opportunity Tracking / Business Development
  • Business Valuation

For companies seeking to win government contracts, an adequate accounting system is absolutely critical. Similarly, the ability to track the timing of new business opportunities and integrate new business into the planning and forecasting processes creates business transparency. Solving thorny compliance challenges enables business growth.

We can provide the government contracting subject matter expertise that will provide solutions to your financial, management, and compliance issues.

We look forward to working with you and creating solutions that create significant advantage for your company.

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