Our cloud-based General Ledger application will unlock key financial and operational metrics for a comprehensive view into your business

The general ledger provides the foundation of the other financial management and accounting solutions we offer, providing the underlying financial architecture governing the performance, scalability, capability, accuracy, compliance, and security for your entire financial management system. Our cloud-based General Ledger solution is optimized for high performance and maximum efficiency, strong audit and control capabilities, rich planning and reporting, and provides unlimited capacity to evolve with your business. Purpose-built for world-class reporting and analysis, our software solutions combine unprecedented ease-of-use with advanced capabilities found in the largest ERP systems, helping organizations, like yours, drive operational efficiencies and gain exceptional visibility into business performance—now and into the future.

Cash Management

Easily manage cash across multiple accounts and streamline reconciliations. Through our firm, we’ll help you take complete control of cash management and cash flow to manage all financial payments, deposit transactions, and bank reconciliations in real time. We can help you control spending and flexibly manage all checking, savings and charge card accounts with comprehensive bank reconciliation. We’ll increase your visibility of your financial banking transactions to ensure compliance across your entire organization.

Reporting and Dashboards

Drive business performance and make better decisions with real-time, actionable, and tailored financial and operational information. Take advantage of our powerful cloud-based accounting and financial reporting and analysis capabilities to build, plan, define, and measure business metrics and performance. We will empower your employees and executives with the business insights and visibility they need to make better decisions and drive performance.

Multi-Currency Management

Easily manage multiple currencies, exchange rate schedules, and currency fluctuations. Take advantage of professional strength, flexible multi-currency software purpose-built to support your global business. Our cloud-based solutions make it easy for any of your business entities to operate and transact with your customers and vendors in any currency—even in multiple currencies. Automated real-time updates ensure you’re always using the latest exchange rates. Automatically account for revaluations when exchange rates change and for gains and losses—both realized and unrealized. Streamline multi-currency management and compliance anywhere in the world. Plus run reports and performance analysis using any currency—whatever base or transactional currencies your customers, vendors, or business entities use.

Global Consolidations

Manage complex global operations in real time. When you work with our firm, we will empower your finance team with the tools they need to more effectively automate and control the global accounting consolidation and close processes. We’ll help you improve financial visibility with real-time intelligence across entities to drive better business decision making. Our Global Consolidations application provides all the functionality a company, like yours, needs to manage complex, multi-entity or multinational operations, in real time.

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